im giving up…finally

Posted in be the change, dey str8 fony, fed-up, him, issues, karma, life, move on by Tanae' A. on May 3, 2007

I have made up my mind that I am officially giving up on people. There are too many people in my life who totally walk over me like I’m not even there and I’m soo tired if it. I’m tired of being the nice gurl and taking things for what it is. I’m tired of making excuses for people and all they do is let me down. So I’m no longer gonna be the one to bite my tongue and let stuff ride…im through. So every person that is trying to cross me or dogg me… you are def. bout to feel the wrath!! LoL!! And when I start acting just how you act dont attempt to make it seem like im the bad one here. You have made the rules for too long and I was being a dumby and following them but not anymore… I’m playing by my own rules now. And lets see who really wins this game. I’m giving you fair warning… letting you know that as of right now… im through. So prepare yourself and let the games begin… and just for the record… I always win!! LoL!!

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