Posted in bills, broke as a joke, commitment, debt, money, pain, tithes, weekend by Tanae' A. on May 1, 2007

I always hear people say that when you tithe you get everything back in all these different ways and what not… but still.. I was never ever the one to even think about putting 10% in for offering. What can I say…. I’m broke and I’m cheap!! LoL!!

So, I went against myself and decided I was going to tithe. And you know that every two weeks when it came down to getting my money right, I gritted my teeth and almost went into seizures when sunday morning came… but I did it! YaY Me!! Until… Bishop mentions a commitment. Oh My God, are you really serious. So I’m looking at this paper with all the different lil levels on it and I’m silently praying that this is a joke. Um… it wasn’t. So I made a commitment.. and I was going to pick the lowest one but I didnt. And so every two weeks for the past 4 months I have been paying tithes… PLUS a commitment… can somebody say ‘sacrifice’…

Not to mention… My goal by the summer is to be completely out of debt. I hate puttin little small payments down only to pay on the same stupid bill for 110 months. I’d rather just put down one or two big payments and have it be over with. So Cingular hit me up and told me last month that I had to pay these two huge payments that are more than half of what I get paid. So friday I get my check and I run to the bank and I sit down to really get all my funds together. Tithes, commitment, mommy, NaNa’s phone bill, Cingular… done. But then, uumm okay where’s my money at? I HAVE NONE!! This is like detramental… seriously. I had enough money to get the bus back and forth for a week… and that was it. This is a major problem.

So… the entire weekend I was on this ‘no shoppin’ kick and I was so hurt because saturday I saw these green pumps that were ON SALE and sooo cute and I immediately thought of ten things I could wear them with… But my dream was killed by the huge reminder in my head that screamed too loudly… “Hello, you’re broke remember!!” So yesterday, I was starving after dance rehearsal and me and my mom decided to stop at the pantry to get something to drink. And I’m wondering if They will break my big bills cause if not… I really wont have any 1’s to get on the bus. So I’m going through my purse and I get my M&T envelope and I look in it and see a 20. Uuuumm okay… I know I didnt have any 20’s cause the bank gave me all big bills… so what is this? What is it?? OMG… is this really $90?? You should’ve seen me and my mom sitting in this car trying to figure out if this was extra money or just something I had sitting to the side. Turns out… this was money I had left over from last pay that I didnt use. And I didnt even know I had it until last night. Then to make something great even better, my mom gets home and tells me that she still has $60 of mine that I told her to hold on to last pay… [i thought I def spent that money]… so now I have $150 extra and thats more than what I need to last me the next two weeks and I can go get my green pumps… TODAY!! Now isn’t that just luvli!! LoL!!

I’m excited about that yall!! I dont know if all this money came cause of my tithing or not but I know for sure that from now on I’m tithing without complaining cause I like finding money in weird places… [shink, I got an Ivy testimony!!! LoL]


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