Posted in family, friends, issues, life, move on, people I love, so Un*D*Sided by Tanae' A. on April 27, 2007

This weekend is going to be ridiculously hard and I know it… well not really hard, just a lot emotional. Its is officially time to do some spring cleaning and I am not too excited about it. Some people have to get the boot. For a while now I’ve been very nicely just kicking people out of my life that I just dont want there and so far everyone that I didn’t want was just taking up space anyway. But why does it always seem like the people that you do want in your life are the ones that are doing nothing but bringing you down. A lot of times we have to put boundaries on our relationships and say okay this person is here for this reason so that means they cant be anything more. It’s hard to let friends go when you thought yall would grow old together. It’s hard to keep somebody at a certain distance and mark where your relationship stops at… but at the same time, when you dont put up boundaries for yourself you end up falling back into the same thing you trying to grow out of. Most times, the life long friends will not be there for an entire lifetime and you have to learn how to accept that and come to grips with it. So this weekend I have to apply the boundaries to a few people and do what I can to prevent myself from giving in. At the same time I have to embrace the people that are lifelong and appreciate them for who and what they are. I realized the other day that outside of family I have 2 lifelong friends and I am so happy about that cause I know that they are the best of the best even tho they are a lil retarded.  So i’m well prepared for the weekend ahead of me and I’m focused on everything that I have to do tonight and tomorrow and I’m excited to see where I’ll be at on monday morning… Check me out homiez!!!


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