V. Tech Confusion

Posted in V.Tech: Today we are all Hokies by Tanae' A. on April 19, 2007

I think now, for once in my life, I really dont know how i’m supposed to feel. It’s hard. I try to clear my mind and forget that all this has even happened but it’s everywhere. On every tv channel, every radio station, every website. That’s all I see. For some reason nothing else matters right now. I read [and posted] an article about the kids in Darfur and it kinda struck a nerve, but I dont think anything could make me feel worse than I do now. The video just made it all seem so real… and the pictures of everyone that died.. it’s so sad. I try to think back to Columbine to remember what my reaction was but I was so young back then I dont even remember the day. I dont think April 16th is one that I’ll soon forget. I wonder how this could have been prevented, how many “Cho’s” do we have on our campuses… in our schools. How many ‘troubled’ kids are going to look at the news and decide to follow in this guys footsteps? It scares me. It seems like to me that everyone pushed him aside or tossed him over to the next availabe person and no one did anything to help. And now we all sit helpless can noone can undo what has been done. We cant go back and bring those students and teachers back to life. This is like a nightmare that we cant wake up from and everyone is suffering. A lot of people ignore it and that frustrates me so much cause this could very well be happening in our community, in our town, at our schools, with our kids. This tragedy could happen anywhere. I keep thinking… what if this happened at a Baltimore School… Coppin or Morgan or Towson… then would people actually care?? Now we all see the signs… now we notice that he was so ‘troubled’ and that he was picked on. Now we notice that he was an outcaste.. and maybe if someone would’ve payed attention on April 15th… maybe we wouldn’t have 33 people dead. I cant point fingers… and I cant blame anyone… cause there’s no one to blame. Blaming someone wont undo deaths and it wont mend broken hearts. They say hindsite is always 20/20 and it’s so true. Everybody is thinking of something they should’ve done differently. I’m thinking of who will be affected next… who else is in the same mind set as Cho was in? And what are we doing about it? How do you feel after a school gets shot up and 33 people die? Do you feel happy cause you dont go there or because no one that you know was directly affected? Do you get angry with the one who was responsible for all this. Do you sympathize with the families and bear some of their pain? Do you get mad because the warnings cam e a little bit too late and only if emails were sent an hour earlier they wouldn’t have died. How are you supposed to feel?? What are you supposed to do? How do the remaining students feel? They have to walk back onto that campus after this tragedy. How do his roommates feel knowing that it could’ve been them? I’m still praying that these families can bounce back after everything that has happened and I pray that we dont ever forget V. Tech…. lets spread the Hokie Love. 


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