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Posted in V.Tech: Today we are all Hokies, when everything goes wrong by Tanae' A. on April 18, 2007

I’m sad, hurt, confused, scared, angry, upset and even sympathetic.. all because of this tragedy that no one can overlook. How can something like this happen?? Why would something like this happen?? What was going through this dude’s head and why didn’t somebody do something if they knew the condition his mind was in?? It makes me grateful… I’m somewhat relieved because I didnt know anyone at V. Tech but those people that lost their lives are leaving behind family and friends and classmates. A man who survived holocaust couldn’t survive a kid and his messed up mind. It hurts my heart to see this type of thing happening in this place we call home. My prayers go out to everyone affected by this tragedy…. we’re fighting a war right here in America.


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