the past 6 months [not a poem]

Posted in back to the past, celebrations, clothes, events, family, issues, karma, life, love, move on, school by Tanae' A. on April 13, 2007

they always say

life is what you make it

and so i try to make it

the best that i possibly can

i’m blessed

no doubt about it

i try not to complain

cause everyday i see people

sleeping on sidewalks

i’ve met a lot of wonderful people

in the past 6 months

some i will remember

but most i’ll probably forget

but i think more than anything

i got something from them

that i wouldn’t trade for anything

i have talked to people

who love life so much

and just live so freely

i’ve talked to people

that value life too much

i’ve been around people

who give with all they’ve got

and never expect anything in return

i learned over the past 6 months

that one day can change your entire life

on person can change your mood

and a simple thought

can make a bad day great

i’ve learned that people value sex

and money

and clothes

and cars

and any other material thing

that really amounts to nothing

i’ve learned that true love never dies

and that love comes in many forms

i’ve learned that the people that really love you

will always be there for you


i’ve given of myself

to a lot of people

i’ve said yes without complaining

and sometimes i have complained

but said yes anyway

i’ve given more than i have recieved

i’ve spent more than i’ve saved

i’ve realized that life is to short

and altho money may not have any value to me

it means a lot in the world that we live in

i’ve taken risks

and made choices

that i’m very proud of

i’ve challenged myself

and pushed myself

and no matter what people think

or dont think

i am proud of myself

and the accomplishments

that i have made

because a year ago today

i didnt think i would be here

i’ve had some fun moments

with some good friends

i’ve laughed my way thru

when i wanted to cry

i’ve cried from laughing so hard

i’ve played enough pool

to last me a lifetime

i’ve eaten out so much

and tried so many different types of smoothies

and i liked none of them

i’ve reconciled relationships

and gained friendships

that i wouldnt trade in for the world

i’ve smiled more than ever before

and in the past 6 months

i think the greatest thing

that i’ve done

was fall in love

with a Man that loved me inspite of

He makes everyday a little easier

and every smile a little brighter

and every dance a lil funner

And the only question is

what will I do in the next 6 months

well i’ll go bungee jumping

and sky diving

and rope climbing

i might even go skiing

or sledding… who knows

but i do know

that ill prolly meet

some more people

and i’ll learn a lil more

and i’ll laugh a lil more

and everyday i’ll grow to love life a lil more!!


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  1. COllEen said, on July 21, 2008 at 12:52 pm

    Yo thAT pOEm Was HOt Yo i acknowledge u from, writin that n thats al the truth wat u wrote in ya poem it relates to my life so i changed it uo A liL bUT uSin iT n iM LEttin erybODy no u wrote IT so doNT worrY wel Any waAY iF uc an wriTE bak igght THAnkS

  2. Tanae' A. said, on July 21, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    you can use it if you would like to. thanks for the love. keep coming back.

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