Tired of Trying

I guess after a while people and their egotistical ways can really do some damage. And if I be really honest about it… there’s only so much that people can take before they get tired. I try a lot, now, to kinda bite my tongue when it comes to certain things because there’s a time and place for everything and a lot of times I feel like I’m in no position to even speak up about certain things, therefore I keep my mouth shut. But I am really silently praying that sooner rather than later a few people get together to take care of some business. I just think that at this point in my life I really am not in the mood to deal with people and their issues… maybe this is just a phase… but I’m really just kinda fed-up. Too many people are egotistical, young, petty, phony, and in it for all the wrong reasons. I watched Crash last weekend and I remember at the end when the rookie cop stopped being partners with the racist cop and the racist said something to him like: Wait til you’ve been in it a lil longer, you think you know who you are now, but wait til you been in it a lil longer, than you’ll see. [end quote LoL] Thats how I think some people are today… sad to say… even in the church. People get so caught up in the titles… they get wrapped around the position and they take their status to a whole other level. They show up for all the wrong reasons, they use their authority in all the wrong ways, and they think the show is all about them when reality is… it aint even got a thing to do with them. And the thing that pisses me off the most is the simple fact that no body who can really do something about it actually sees whats really going on and the people who are tired of it wont stand up to say anything. And God knows… me and my mouth wont even get in it cause that would be in violation of the 36th amendment…. you know, the one that says that under no circumstances what-so-ever should Shay or Tae’ stand up and say anything worth saying… especially when they have attitudes!! LoL!! But… I know how to work in the backgrounds and I know how to get what I want done without doing anything… so right now I’m really working on getting a certain someone to ride the bench for a whole and get their priorities in order. Cause quit frankly… I aint the only one thats tired of trying to deal with the stank attitudes and egotistical ways… I’ve been watching what I say for a long time… and “check ya flesh” done wore out in this situation… so like they say “pray bout it”



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