not your ‘average’ thursday

Posted in be the change, church, clothes, community, family, issues, life by Tanae' A. on April 5, 2007

Today is not an ‘average’ thursday. I woke up like I usually do at 6:45… showered and got dressed. I rushed to get to the bus on time after packing lunch and eating breakfast [im on a budget!] I got to work… and the same people were there… the same duties still applied and the same work had to be completed by the end of the day.  But there was something different about this thursday. I’ll leave at the same time… go home and rest. I’ll watch an hour of tv tonight and go to bed by 10:30 only to do it all again tomorrow… but today is still not an ‘average’ thursday and I dont really think that’s a bad thing. You ever get tired of doing the everyday thing and never really doing anything?? I think that’s what was different when I woke up this morning… I didn’t want to just wake up. I wanted to really do something. Have you ever had a day that you just said to yourself “wow, yesterday was great?” Well that’s what I wanna say everyday when I wake up… or I at least want to know that I did something yesterday that will benefit my tomorrow. I’m tired of just waking up and doing the same thing. When I really think about… my day to day activities aren’t really contributing to my future. I got up this morning… put my poems in an envelope, put a new stamp on it, and wrote the address too. I’m stoppin by the mailbox when I get home to drop it in. They have been sitting in my house in the same spot for three months now when I all I had to do was drop them in. Thats the first thing that I’ll do. I’ve made a vow to myself that in addition to paying my tithes every two weeks I am going to committ to a certain amount for my church’s capital campaign and I’m also trying to put at least $200 a month in my savings… for now [that amount will increase very soon] There’s a PCIF Conference going on this summer and half the youth at my church probably cant afford to go… I’ve decided to put in anything extra that I have even if that means I cant eat carryout until then. [gosh that is a sacrifice!] But when I really think about it… thats all there is to life… doing the things that matter. Doing the things that either I or someone else can benefit from. Thats it and thats all. So instead of having ‘average’ days and ‘average’ weeks… i wanna have something that means just a little bit more… I wanna leave here knowing that I did something… and it may not change the world but if I can just have an impact on a few people around me then I’ll say I did a pretty good job. Maybe I wont pave the way for the next generation but if I can leave something for my kids to look up to… I’ll be able to know that something I did on this Earth was well worth it. No more ‘average’ thursdays!!


somebody once said… be the change you want to see…


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