Posted in back to the past, celebrations, church, clothes, community, easter?, events, family, issues, life by Tanae' A. on April 2, 2007

When I was little, “Easter” used to be the jump-off. It was the time that we got nice little pretty dresses and we got to get our hair done. Back then, to me, it was just a fashion show. I was so excited about the Easter Egg hunt that follow service and the pictures that we got to take. I was even sometimes excited about good friday because we got fish dinners after the LONG service. Once I got a little older, clothes weren’t really all that serious. I might get a new outfit or something but I wasnt as amused. I came to church and wasn’t really too excited about anything except what people had on. Around that time I would get excited cause all my family would come down and we would have dinner and just chill out. But, for the first time in forever I’m not feeling “easter” at all. When did resurrection sunday become known as “easter” and why?? It seems to me like society always covers up and tries to dismiss the true meaning of things. I’m not excited about “easter” because I’m so hyped up about resurrection sunday. I am soo grateful that Jesus died for me… he didn’t have to but he did it and that is the ultimate sacrifice…

So… what really is “easter”?? Just another day in society… the real holiday is Resurection Sunday…thats we should be celebrating.



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