it’s called karma, baby

Posted in check ya flesh, events, issues, karma, life, lost one, right vs. wrong by Tanae' A. on March 30, 2007

Somethings I just dont wish on anybody… whether we cool or not. Thats why this morning I ended up having to say a short little prayer of forgiveness because for two seconds i laughed when I shouldn’t have. Everyone always tells me that whats meant to be will be.. but I guess this [for her] wasn’t meant to be. And I kinda knew that it wasn’t. But reality of it is… when you dish something out… you have to know how to take it in. My prayers go out to her, mainly because I kinda know what she’s going thru, but at the same time I cant even sympathize with her because this whole time she been flat out wrong. Hopefully she has learned a leasson… and my prayer is that he has learned a lesson as well. Like they say… what goes around comes back around… so watch what you do.

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