[right is so wrong]

Posted in back to the past, events, family, issues, life, love, right vs. wrong, so Un*D*Sided by Tanae' A. on March 28, 2007

right now…. i kinda in a weird way need but dont need someone’s opinion about something. I want an opinion because I really dont know what to do about something but at the same time I dont really wanna have to hear what someone has to say because I dont know if they’ll see things from my point of view. So… i just dont know.

I must admit

back in the day

I did some things

and made some mistakes

but out of them all

theres always one

that you just cant shake

stands out like a sore thumb

and what if doing whats right

turns out to be wrong

but either way it’s crazy

cause im still stringin people along

and nothing really ends

unless there’s something in its way

but if I end it

something else starts the same day

and no matter what the outcome

I’m still not right

and I hate the past

that keeps me up every night

cause if there was one thing

that I wish I could take back

it would be this one thing

that wont cut me any slack

and im not even the type

to live in regret

because life is what it is

and what you give is what you get

and one thing i’ve learned

is that i’ve gotten this far

and mistakes build character

so they make you who you are

thats why for the most part

i’m content with who I am

but this one thing I wanna let go of

I just dont know if I can

because there could possibly be

a  lot more damage done

and then yet again

i’ll be the wrong one

and all i’m tryin to do

is make things right

cause I dont know how much longer

I can live in this lie.


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