so Un*D*Sided

Posted in life, school by Tanae' A. on March 26, 2007

Where is my life taking me? Or where am I taking my life?? Who really knows… I prolly have at least 72 and a half people ask me when I’m going back to school [in one week!!] It’s that I’m lost because that is totally not the case… I dont know what it is… I keep saying that i’ll go next semester but I dont think that I really want to go… but at the same time I know that I kinda have to go. I really wanna get into social work and a lot of people tell me that Morgan is the best for that but I just dont know… I know I can go to school and finish if I really wanted to… the problem is getting there and getting in the groove of things. I just dont know what school I want to go to or what time I wanna take the classes or what days would be best… I dont really know too much of anything… LoL!! ButI do know that I’m making up every excuse not to go when I should ultimately have about 510 reasons why I should go. It’s my life right… and if I want the best out of my life then I’ll go to school… and I’ll do it soon… Just keep praying people!! Thanks.


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