no more sanmiches!!

Posted in issues by Tanae' A. on March 26, 2007

yesterday morning… I woke up read for church… and not just the usual every sunday church… but I wanted to have CHURCH!! Well early sunday morning I didnt really get the church that I was hopin for but I got a sermon that was on point… [thank you Bishop!] Anyways… right around offering time my stomach got to growling and I knew that I was ready for some samiches!! But, then the announcement came… loud and clear through out the sanctuary… after this sunday there will be NO MORE SANWICHES… and at that moment I wanted to cry. What do they mean no more sanmiches?? Are they serious?? Oh God!! So today I am a lil upset because now I have to put $3 to the side for a McGriddle on sunday morning. Lawd Jesus… please give these good church folk a change of heart!


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  1. Heber Brown, III said, on March 26, 2007 at 4:33 pm

    Perhaps you should contact the person who provided the meals – thank her for such a wonderful service, and see if you can do anything to help her bring it back. If you help her…and help her raise $$ for it, she just may bring it back.

  2. tae2918 said, on March 26, 2007 at 6:39 pm

    How bout I make the breakfast… of course it wont be sandwiches every sunday but one thing I love bout mornings is making breakfast… [trust there is nothing better than pancakes, bacon, and eggs on a griddle!] I’ll think about it… Maybe I should invest in a griddle first then start making some pancakes… but Swan asked yesterday that we not try to convince her to continue because the work was taking a toll on her. I know I need sanmiches on sunday mornings! LoL!!

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