broken washing machine

Posted in clothes, issues by Tanae' A. on March 23, 2007


My washing machine is broke!

And to the average person

it would be a shrug of the shoulders

but to me


I hate washing clothes

and I know that hate is a strong word

but I think that the entire concept of washing clothes

is a tad-bit ubsurd

and only God knows

how aggravated I get

when my hamper begins spilling over


So this week.. guess what happened

I went to put a pair of work pants in the hamper

and they would not fit

so now

I must reserve an entire day

to wash clothes

and yes, it does take me a full

24 hours

just to wash three loads

and I still haven’t put away

the two loads that I was forced to wash

in the beginning of this month

but my sister

had to break the washing machine

and I want so bad for my clothes to get clean

but if I even attemp to wash them

there would be a flood in my basement

that I would have to clean up.

and so now

I have two bags of dirty clothing

sitting in my room

because I absolutely refuse

to go to anybody’s laundromat

and so we wait


and we go to Walmart to stock up

on underclothes and socks

and I’ll buy shirts to go with pants

that I wear only when

a tragedy like this

really does occur

and I wish upon every single

bright yellow star that I see in the sky

that some God sent person

would come and fix this thing

because my only fear is that

by the time it gets fixed

I’ll have 6 loads to wash instead of three.


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