A Boring World

Posted in clothes, issues, life by Tanae' A. on March 23, 2007

I think it’s quite sad really that at the age of 19… I have no life!! It’s friday and I have no idea what I’m doing tonight. I hang with the same two people every friday and we do the same thing… go play pool!! Every once in a while we’ll throw some excitement in by going to eat or going to a movie… but come on man… It’s boring! These day I ask people what they’re doing and they’re going here there and everywhere… but we do the same thing every weekend… it’s like a routine. Quit simple… stress free.. cause God knows the only stress I need is figuring out what movie I want to see and what time I wanna go… now that is what you call STRESS!! Or more importantly… what jeans am I gonna put on with this sweater… I’ve been tryin to figure that out all dag on day and I still dont know… I am also stressing because I need a new phone… bills have to be paid… and today is not a pay week so I cant play for money tonight… [now how sucky is that!!] I think my life is just getting so boring…. what do you think?? I think this is what happens when you get a 9-5… no one warned me!! LoL!! Everyday its the same thing.. I go to work go home and watch tv except on mondays and fridays when I go to dance rehearsal or out to play pool. Saturdays… I stay in… watch tv and dont even attempt to put on clothes unless of course… someone is treating!!! LoL!! [I’m always down for a treat!] Well… I think I should do something more with my life cause now I feel like one of those people who drink coffee every morning and read the newspaper on a daily basis… [i read the Examiner this morning on the way to work… now that is boring!] But its all good because even tho this way of life is like totally boring… its also kinda stress free… If all I have to worry about is what movie I wanna see on a friday than I guess this is the good life and I’m actually loving it right…. Please remind me to go to 7:30 service on sunday.. I need some ‘samiches’ and sunday school!! LoL!! Welcome to my boring world!!


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