time to rethink some things

Posted in him, love by Tanae' A. on March 20, 2007

Dear You,

I never understood how you could love me so much

Now I think I do

becausenow I find myself

loving you just as much

Now I ask myself

How can you fall out of love with me

and I dont think

I’ll ever find the answer

Cause I dont think

that I could ever make my heart forget you

And as much as I try to hate you

I can never stop loving you

long enough

to be mad or angry

So I settle for just being hurt

cause that’s one thing I cant deny

And I’ll never ask if you still love me

cause I think I know the answer

and I dont think my hears would bear to hear

what the truth really holds

so I’ll settle for nothing

Nothing is good.

It’s better than knowing that I no longer

have a place in your heart

and I wish we could go back to the days

when you loved me with everything you had

back to the days when you wouldn’t even try to hurt me

but now it seems like

causing me pain

is just some hobby

that you tend to do

at every free moment of every day

you said you didnt know you hurt me

but I think it’s not the truth

cause your eyes lie

everytime you look at me

they hold emotions

that i’ve never even tried to feel

and I know that somewhere in your heart

you feel the hurt that I feel

but you wont let me in long enough

to make that hurt go away

you walk in the opposite direction

and im forced to think back to the day

that I wondered how was it possible

for you to love me so much

now I ask… how can you just stop?



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  1. morgangreenster said, on October 23, 2008 at 9:35 pm

    I’m going through the same shit. I know exactly where you are coming from. When I have to blame someone’s change of behavior towards me that goes from positive to negative I think of a few things. First I believe they might have developed a grudge against me. This is the most likely reason and it is totally irrational and often a driving force in that persons life. Sounds weird, but some things are.

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