i jus need to vent

Posted in events, him, issues by Tanae' A. on March 19, 2007

Right now I am so stressed and I feel stupid cause I’m letting this one [worthless] person get me all worked up for nothing. I’m tryin to push all this nonsense out of my head and it’s not working. Now he’s tellin me that he wants to talk to me… this idiot aint called me since january… now he wanna talk. TWO MONTHS LATER. And me being the stupid person that I am I’m probably gonna listen to every single thing that he has to say and probably fall right back into the trap. Everybody keeps tellin me that I’m stronger than this but it’s times like this that I feel so weak… he does that to me. He makes me wanna scream in frustration… they all tell me not to talk to him… not even to answer the phone but they dont really understand where I’m coming from. Part of me knows that I’m just being stupid but part of me is just so tired of being this damn frustrated. I dont know what to do. I dont know if I wanna cry or laugh. I’m hurt and I cant tell no one cause they all tell me to get over it but for some reason I cant. I cant erase the pain and I cant undo whats been done and that make even more upset. I wanna laugh because if I was strong I could say that he was stupid for thinking that he would have any opportunity what-so-ever to even get a simple hello out of me. But I’m not strong… im gullible… vulnerable (gosh… I hate that word)… so i cant laugh at him. If anything he can laugh at me… after all I am writing an entire blog about him. He’s taking over my thoughts. And I honestly just wish that there was no such thing as a spring break cause then none of this would be going on. i wish someone would just tell me what to do. Tell me how I should react to everything thats going on around me. Tell me to do something other than just get over him. SOMEBODY TELL ME SOMETHING!!! Cause right now I’m so lost…. I just need help.



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