sundai mo’ning

Posted in dey str8 fony, events, family, issues by Tanae' A. on March 19, 2007

Yesterday was a happy sad kinda day. I had to make my way to 7:30 service cause we had to dance and I guess I realized how much I really love being up there with them… cause ultimately it doesn’t matter how many times we mess up, we laugh the whole way thru and have fun. Half way thru service my smile was stolen from me as soon as my idiot of an ex walked thru the door. It took me about ten minutes to regroup and eventually I kinda convinced myself that he wasnt worth it. The guest preacher did a good job… I still dont know that lady’s name… (how said is that??) But anyways… The good ppl of the church decided to feed us ‘sanmiches’ between services and although I didnt eat any I put my good ol $3 in the little basket just cause I was so excited to see ‘sanmiches’ ‘tatters’ and some warm apple sauce! Then it was off to sunday school. It was a good lesson and it felt good to sit in there cause its been a minute since I been in that setting. 10:45 service was GREAT!!! I was syked cause HebHeb preached bout disengaged youth but I was a lil bummed cause we had to leave early so i missed the end of a good sermon… i just might have to get the tape! LoL… seriously. We met my nephews god parents at Cactus Willies and ate some great food… LoL (I’m so fat!) Ate some great cake and then went to church LATE so the baby can get Christianed. So over all one would suspect that it was a good day… SO TOTALLY WRONG. People are so phony it’s ridiculous. It’s not like I didnt know but gosh… So I’m pretty much to the point that if people is tellin me one thing and doind the complete opposite then they completely written off. I dont have time for phony people and I def dont have time for nobody to be stabbin me in the back. So everybody that I even suspect is being phony is totally cut off. But I’m happy today cause it’s monday and a good monday…. and a new day!!



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