*Birthday Extravaganza*

Posted in events, family by Tanae' A. on March 15, 2007

so… me && my sisters have successfully planned a SURPRISE 50th birthday party for my mom that will take place on tomorrow night. It was actually easier than I thought it would be. But now after paying for a hall and a dj and a professional photographer and an outfit and my hair to get done and a camera to have my own pictures done and plane tickets to and from b’more so my cousin can be apart of the celebration… i still have to buy a frickin gift. It’s her 50th birthday and everybody knows on the 50th birthday you MUST put $50 in the card. So now I have to buy a gift and I dont know what to get her AND THE PARTY IS TOMORROW. Gosh… y did I go shoppin last weekend?? I think I’m gonna just get a gift card for Wilsons and a diamond ring. It’s times like this that I’m glad I dont have two parents cause God knows… parents are expensive! LoL! The entire world as I know it is coming to b’more for this party and my nephew’s christianing. Tomorrow night… i will be sneaking down to my grandmother’s house to change clothes and head to this party a bit early and my mom is stressing because she thinks she’s going to DC with her best friend and so now she thinks that we didnt do anything for her or buy her anything. Bad enough we’re not really spending any time with her. Tomorrow night will be like the ultimate thing ever because she’s been talking about a 50th birthday party for years now. Finally it’s her turn and i’m getting stressed over a gift… Y cant the party be a gift… she is so lucky that I love her as much as I do. To add to my stresses… my aunts birthday is today and so she’s having dinner on saturday and I cant even go cause I cant afford to buy her a gift and that is soo tacky showing up empty handed. I’ll buy a card for my mom to give to her. So I’m pretty much stayin prayed up cause the preperation for this party starts tonight. Hair has to be done… sisters have to get their hair done. Accessories have to be bought and finalized plans have to be made. Yes… God knows I have to remain prayed up cause if not these black people and their birthdays will kill me!!! B.Blessed!


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