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Posted in [Y.R.P] by Tanae' A. on March 12, 2007


no wait…I used to love church. Now going to church is like pulling teeth with out the numbing cream….okay… I over exaggarated…. but it’s bad. One thing that I used to love is the OFF-THE-HOOK youth ministry… mad heads on the choir… dance ministry was poppin off wit like 40 people (mostly youth) and even saturday morning prayer had mad youth in attendance… Now I’m like “what happened” I went to church on sunday and saw 3 youth…. THREE!!! Now that most of us are past the age where we really have to come to church, we decide for ourselves on sunday morning if we are really in the mood. Most of the time I’m not but I drag myself into the sanctuary anyway.

Yesterday I was a lil depressed. I ended helping the little kids do their black history presentation. It was cool. As my pastor was preaching I was only half way listening cause I was thinking bout a whole lot of other stuff. It was second sunday [Y&YA day to be on the choir] not one youth was there… our youth leader wasnt even there. The kids sang their litle hearts out. I was thinkin that the kids eventually will grow up to be the youth… I wonder if they’ll lose their enthusiasm just like some of us have. I remember when church was the one thing that we all looked forward to. We practiced songs during the week, was in discipleship and choir rehearsal, we went to dance rehearsal. There was a time when we were just as happy to be on the choir as the kids that sing every time they’re supposed to. Now we dread going to rehearsal cause 9 times out of ten there wont be more than 5 people there. I want that to change… DRASTICALLY!!

If everyone sits around and waits for someone to make the first move… we’ll be waiting forever. I want to see the youth ministry come back to life and actually be the drive that keeps this church going. So I’m doing everything in my power to revive this youth ministry even if that means that I have to do it by myself… I’ll be the only non-singing youth on the choir stand if it means that someone else will follow my lead… All it takes is someone to start and eventually… prayerfully…. someone will follow.

just keep praying…


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  1. Tim said, on March 13, 2007 at 8:44 pm

    You got the right attitude! Be the leader, set the example for others to follow and saturate everything in prayer.

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