they testin my save…[&& i dont appreciate it]

Posted in check ya flesh by Tanae' A. on March 9, 2007

I remember one saturday morning sitting in choir rehearsal. It seems like forever ago but it was the morning after my pastors anniversary banquet. The last rehearsal before sunday and a few alto’s were way off. AJB was in town… I dont remember half the words to the song he taught us but three words that he said I will always remember… “check ya flesh” Me && Shay tripped off that for bout a week and then we put it to good use. Every time one of us did or said something that wasn’t too good the other would say the three majic words. It became so habitual that eventually we began saying it before we said something crazy. It works.

But yesterday… I must admit… for a brief 5.3 minutes I forgot about those three words. I didn’t quote scriptures… and I surely didn’t bite my tongue. Maybe I should’ve done something other than speak my mind. But we all slip up and I finally realized… AFTER I rocked wild on homegurl… that I should ultimately get a good laugh out of them.

I dont like drama…. trust me… I’ve had my share of it… but I guess some things just get too small for your size. I dont fight and I def dont waste valuable time arguing… [but they started it and they was tryin to come at my sistah and her son like they was crazy] There’s no excuse, really. I stooped down to their level and it really didnt make matters worse but it simply didnt make it any better.

But, they tryin me. I’m saved… I talk to God quite frequently… I try to do like Peggy say and “stay in His face, stay in His word” but I do have my moments. And sometimes I just dont wanna check my flesh. There are times when I wanna throw my Jesus peace out the window and really say whats on my mind. Cause believe it or not, I aint forgot how to cuss I just learned how to pray… and last night… God knows, I was not praying.

But I did pray for forgiveness… and I make it my #1 duty not to retaliate¬† in full force like I want to right now. I wont respond to the low blows and I def. wont let my sis get stressed out over some dummies. THANK GOD FOR SOCIAL SERVICES AND CHILD SUPPORT!! LoL!! So we just gonna laugh at these ppl who play their stupid games and try their hardest to get under our skin. We gonna laugh off the lies and turn our backs to the phoniness.

Now… more than ever… I gotta stay prayed up… cause they testing my save and I really dont appreciate it. So every 5 minutes I’m saying to myself… “Gguurrlll, you betta check ya flesh!” And so far today…. it’s working. So please keep praying for me cause God knows… its hard to bite ya tongue…. IT’S HARD!!! LoL!!!



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